Neutral delights audiences at the World Expo 2015 in Milan: a suite of interactive experiences commissioned by Alitalia and Etihad to activate, captivate and entertain audiences in their pavilion.

Working closely with the teams at the two airlines, Neutral devised in collaboration with Leo Burnett a series of interactive solutions.
Comprising of separate interactive stations, Neutral deployed social media integrated games, apps and VR virtual reality videos.

The kids area features engaging travel-based games: a creative airplane painting app together with Neutral’s Flight Academy and Airport Dash games, custom created for the airline industry and unveiled to the public for the first time in Milan.

Etihad and Alitalia launched their new characters Edi and Alia at the Expo – these two kids heroes accompany young visitors throughout the pavilion and introduce them to interesting and also important aspects of responsible and sustainable travel industry strategies. Neutral integrated these new characters with an interactive installation, allowing visitors to interact and playfully engage with these two endearing figures.

Targeting travellers from Italy and also visitors from farther afield, the Collective Map installation draws on the reach of social media and integrates tips and experiences that people all over the world share using the #CollectiveMap hashtag. The interactive tablets allow visitors to playfully explore the globe and the collected tips, being able to share and send these by email using the on-site tablets.

Rounding off the experience, Neutral delivers a cutting edge VR experience that resonates with large numbers of visitors: a virtual tour of exciting destinations, curated, captured and produced by our team. Far away places and exotic experiences have been captured in 360º videography and brought back to the pavilion in Milan, transfixing audiences and creating a sense of discovery. Neutral filmed on location in London, New York, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.