Commissioned by Alitalia and Etihad to bring cutting edge interactive experiences to their pavilion at the Milan World Expo 2015, Neutral set out to capture extraordinary spaces and experiences around the globe and bring them to audiences in Milan using 360º virtual reality. In close collaboration with Leo Burnett and the team at the two partner airlines, Neutral filmed in London, New York, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
Far away places and exotic locations can be viewed in 360º videography at the pavilion in Milan, transfixing audiences and creating a sense of discovery.

The suite of VR experiences is accompanied by additional interactive experiences, custom created by Neutral for this pavilion. Games, large scale screen installations and a social media driven collaborative map app round off the experience and engage visitors transposing them into a world of global travel, discovery and adventure.

“The coolest part of the downstairs, however, is an interactive Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset experience” ~ The Points Guy