Release September 2017

Technology Unity

Baggage Stack

Stack your baggage as accurately as possible to reach the sky. But be quick – the seagulls are after your bags!

In this highly addictive stacking game, passengers’ speed and concentration are tested to the max to keep bags from falling. You’ll have to tackle wind and sway – be fast to keep the seagulls at bay!

Baggage Stack Screen



Aim to stack as many bags on top of each other as possible by tapping the screen to release the baggage above and create an ongoing stack. A simple task made challenging with the addition of sway, wind and a distracting seagull. The number of bags that can be stacked is limitless, making it very addictive to try and get the highest score.


Airlines can customise colour schemes and materials to brand aircraft and update billboards with advertising to match an airline’s PR approach.

Baggage Stack Menu
Baggage Stack