Client British Airways

Release November 2018

Technology VR – Allosky

British Airways Skylight VR

British Airways approached Neutral Digital to create, in collaboration with Skylights as the chosen hardware partner, a unique medium to encourage passengers to upgrade their flights to Club World at the point of check-in at Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

“We are always looking at new and innovative ways to engage with our customers and virtual reality is the latest way we are using a rapidly evolving area of technology to further improve the airport experience. We’re really excited about the many opportunities virtual technology offers for our customers on the ground, and in the air.”

Tom Stevens, British Airways Head of Customer at Heathrow


Keen to reflect their passion for innovation and the quality of the Club World environment, British Airways wanted to create an entirely new means of marketing a superior experience that comprises far more than just improved spatial elements. For a product that is designed to delight the senses, a truly multi-sensory medium was required.


In partnership with Skylights, the hardware company making waves in the in-flight VR space, we created a 360° video tour of the Club World cabin to celebrate the additional space, lie-flat seats, bedding by The White Company and restaurant-quality cuisine. With  their customers engaged and inspired by the new medium through which to experience Club World, British Airways observed an upturn in upgrades purchased at the check-in desk.