Release September 2017

Technology Unity

Cabin Explorer

Imagine getting the chance to explore all the details of a plane or step into the world of other travel classes. With this app, passengers find themselves on a pristine aircraft ready to wander and discover everything it has to offer – its interiors, designs, functions and services!

Each class presented is carefully created and rendered in a way to allow interactive hotspots to add information for specific details of the cabin.


3D Interactivity

Fully interactive, 360º environments for each class of service. Swiping and selecting hotspots to access detailed information.


Customisable location and position of hotspots to allow for more detailed information. Once a hotspot is selected, detailed information is being shown.


The app offers real-time reflections and lighting, giving an unsurpassed experience and visual quality to the aircraft presented in the app.

Aircraft Info

Information can be specifically added to each aircraft model using hotspots in the ‘Info’ section. Users interactively access these options by rotating the aircraft and selecting the desired information.


This section allows the users to interactively compare the aircraft types in the fleet – by range, speed, etc.. It provides a fun way to access information.


Each of the cabins can be fully customised to each airline’s specifications. Careful integration of materials and attention to detail characterise this 3D app, giving the airline complete control over presenting the different classes, functions and services on board.