Meet the interactive aircraft cabin viewer

The best of your cabins, presentable on any connected device. The highest quality visuals and a virtual assistant as your personal guide.

The future of aircraft cabin marketing

Display your cabin views with stunning quality visuals and interactive experience. Clean and elegant presentation. No more plain images or overwhelming amounts of text. 

Hi, I'm Neutron,

Intuitive customer journey

Let your audience enjoy a welcome tour of your cabins with the help of the personal assistant.

Customise your assistant to your branding, favourite celebrity persona, sports or children’s TV character for those memorable moments.

Blue sky or red eye?

Show your cabin in it’s best light by switching between lighting scenarios with a single click.

Before After

Features designed to enhance presentation

Narrated journey

Make your customers feel at home by giving them a full tour ahead of their journey.

Multiple aircraft & class options

Informed bookings with better comparison. Higher upgrade rate. Greater passenger experience.

Informational hotspots

5000 movie catalog? Unlimited wifi on board? Discreet charging stations? Celebrate everything that’s special and unique in your cabins.

Accessible web app

Reach widest audience possible online. Access from any internet connected device.

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Highest quality visuals

We obsess over the tiniest details, refining the light, exposure, positing and depth to give rich photo-realistic renders that showcase the best of your brand.

Request a demo

Get in touch with us to organise a live demo (or just book a call) and we will showcase all of Cabinly’s current capabilities and upcoming features.