Release September 2017

Technology Unity

Fleet Explorer

Fleets are any airline’s most important asset, but are often less celebrated than perhaps they should be. This IFE app allows your passengers to explore every element of your offering, not only aircraft by aircraft but also by comparing features such as speed, range, capacity, length, wingspan and in-service numbers.

Satisfy the curiosity of your most faithful clients by letting them become experts on your fleet while consolidating your brand’s position in people’s minds with fully customisable visuals.



By offering a complete 360° experience of the 3D aircraft, users can interactively rotate and explore the individual models. An adapted, compatible version is also available of Linux / QT systems.


Users can get up close to an aircraft’s features by using the zoom options to view details from all angles. On compatible touchscreens zooming is possible thanks to multi-touch gestures.


The visual quality of the app gives an unsurpassed realistic experience. By offering real-time reflections and lighting, users feel as if they are exploring the aircraft first hand.

Aircraft Info

Exclusive aircraft info can be incorporated into each aircraft model. This information can be accessed using hotspots that allow the user to discover key facts about the aircraft. By using the ‘Info’ section, users interactively access these options by rotating the aircraft and selecting the desired information.


This section allows the users to interactively compare the aircraft types in the fleet – by range, speed, capacity, etc.. It offers a visually engaging way to access information.


The app can be completely customised to your specific fleet, incorporating your brand identity an livery, as well as highlighting special features and services on board, such as stats, connectivity and class differentiation.