Client Museo Maya de América

Release 2015

Technology Oculus / Desktop / Tablet

Museo Maya

Neutral Digital released a new milestone in architecture representation – the Museo Maya suite of apps. The museum is designed by Harry Gugger Studio in conjunction with over,under. Spearheading development of the interactive architecture genre, Neutral Digital expanded on their convergent app platform with the launch of a full virtual reality solution.

Museo Maya

At the forefront of 3D developments, Neutral Digital expands the genre into virtual perception realms.

Optimised to run on desktop and mobile platforms, the Museo Maya solution is a digital museum guide and research tool. The apps allow users to not only experience the architecture of the museum, but also explore the preeminent collection of Mayan artefacts in 3D, with options to view in-depth catalogue information and 3D print.

The new Museo Maya de América is among the most ambitious cultural projects under development in Central America. Designed by Harry Gugger Studio in collaboration with over,under, it is planned to house one of the world’s most significant collections of objects, artefacts, artworks, textiles and knowledge relating to the history and culture of the Mayan Civilisation.

Located on the northern edge of La Aurora Park in Guatemala City, the new museum building will form the culmination of a cultural axis that includes the Guatemalan Museum of Contemporary Art and the Children’s Museum. This dense cluster of cultural institutions, in tandem with the vast open spaces of the adjacent park, will become a focal point for tourists and residents alike.

Museo Maya Oculus
Museo Maya
Museo Maya Exterior