Release September 2017

Technology Unity

Paint My Plane

Design the plane of your dreams! This app allows passengers to interactively create their own aircraft livery. Extending painting techniques to 3D space, passengers can rotate the aircraft to apply their creativity from all angles.

Starting with a blank plane as a canvas and equipped with various paints, tools and fun stamps – the artistic possibilities are endless.

Paint My Plane White



Full 360º rotation and zoom of the aircraft model.

Paint Tools

There are two painting tools available – a pencil and a brush. Tool tip sizes and colours can also be adjusted. Just mix and match to create your personalised design.


Mistakes and inaccuracies can be carefully adjusted and also erased.

Paint Bucket

Options to fill background areas to create a base paint coat for the airplane.


This section allows the users to interactively compare the aircraft types in the fleet – by range, speed, etc.. It’s a fun way to access information.


Airlines can choose the aircraft model to be featured for painting according to their fleet or flagship model. Backgrounds, fonts and logos can also be customised.

Paint My Plane IFE Game
Paint My Plane App