Release September 2017

Technology Unity


Which tail is behind which tile?

A collection of carefully selected airlines is hidden behind a grid of tiles that challenges memory to the maximum. Tackling one tail at a time, players can test their memory with this simple yet stimulating game. Airlines can specifically curate the tails included in the game, strengthening and highlighting alliance messaging and marketing.

Pairs IFE Game



This simple yet engaging game is based around tiles hiding specific airline tailfins. Each click reveals the hidden logos allowing the player to create an abstract map of the set, memorising where each logo is located. The user needs to find and uncover two identical logos for the game to progress and once all tile pairs have been identified, the game moves on to the next level.


The collection of airlines can be customised to match the airline’s alliance and specific partners. Having the option to carefully tailor the airlines within the game will strengthen the alliance messaging and create marketing opportunities around the group of airlines shown in the game.

Altus Pairs
Pairs IFE Game