Client Panasonic Avionics

Release December 2017

Technology Installation

Take a walk through avionics history with Panasonic, by Neutral Digital

Panasonic Avionics, the world leader in In-Flight Entertainment and Communications (IFEC) solutions, approached us to create a high-impact installation in one of the transitory spaces at their Lake Forest HQ. The design called for five Panasonic 4K displays framed by a cabin window set design. The space had to provide guidance and digital presence, accompanying the visitors walking alongside the digital wall.

Neutral Digital developed a solution that was both creative and software-based, mixing historical data with high-definition 3D CGI to seamlessly activate the entire space. As the user passes by, each of the five windows displays iconic milestones in avionics history, showing both the architectural evolution of the airports as well as the aircraft that represented specific periods. This engagement was designed to be educational, as well as to highlight Panasonic’s IFEC longevity and legacy.

We produced a series of motion graphics elements to simulate different weather conditions and human interaction. Various aeroplane models were introduced not only in the airport context but also airborne, highlighting details about their first flight and the maiden airline livery.

This interactive wall provides an overview of the use of IFE systems throughout avionics history, showcasing both the cultural and commercial evolution of the airborne entertainment industry.

Panasonic Window Wall
Panasonic Window Wall
Panasonic Window Wall