Air Canada 737 MAX 8 VR

After the 787 project’s resounding success and popularity at trade shows, Air Canada commissioned Neutral Digital to create a VR experience for their 737 aircraft. A compelling VR narrative shows off the brand’s versatility and commitment to comfort and customer experience across the fleet.


Client: Air Canada
Release: February 2018
Technology: VR — Oculus RIft


After the overwhelming popularity of the Dreamliner experience, Air Canada and Neutral Digital worked together to add an immersive flavour to the 737’s marketing initiative, drilling down on the routes it serves and the things that make the cabin special (the larger overhead bins, for example).


For the 737 project, we understood the need to help Air Canada market itself as a short-haul carrier par excellence. Therefore, the focal points were a fusion of the onboard menu, the comfort of the cabin and the additional facilities and conveniences added by the aircraft. We created an entirely new interactive routes explorer to demonstrate Air Canada’s extensive coverage with the 737, as well as a new interactive feature allowing the passenger to open the overhead bins from a seated position and see the additional space and smooth open / close functions for themselves.