Air Canada 767 VR

Following on from the success of the Boeing 737 and 787 marketing projects, Air Canada Rouge approached Neutral Digital to bring their 767 experience to life in VR. Offering a more entertainment-focused narrative, the prospective passenger is presented with new interactive elements that call out the brand’s holiday vibe and reflects a more adventure-oriented demeanour.


Client: Air Canada Rouge
Release: September 2018
Technology: VR — Oculus RIft


A different aircraft, route network and typical travel purpose called for a different kind of storyboard. While our existing projects with Air Canada focused on highlighting specific pieces of the in-flight experience, such as the food, amenities and comfort of the passenger surroundings, Air Canada Rouge wanted to turn up the dial on communicating fun, relaxation and ‘holiday mode’.


Neutral Digital applied learnings from the success of previous Air Canada brand projects to engage the customer with new assets and interactions. As well as an interactive tablet IFE system, a crisp, fresh cabin and delicious photogrammetry food, the user is presented with a backpack containing a sun hat, shades and a smartphone that allows the user to take a selfie. The experience encourages associations with the Rouge brand as being one that places customer enjoyment on a level with comfort.ED as oral agent is now well understood, and a risk factor for yourheart disease. Full text: