Air Canada Dreamliner VR

For Air Canada, we created a new interactive VR experience of their Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This virtual reality demo opens up new ways of exploring the quintessentially Canadian brand and travel experience by turning the user into a passenger, allowing them to enjoy the award-winning onboard product and service Air Canada offers.


Client: Air Canada
Release: September 2017
Technology: VR — Oculus RIft


Air Canada is constantly developing new ways to enhance the customer experience and to engage partners such as travel agents, who play a crucial role in helping customers select the travel options best suited to them. The challenge was to find an effective and efficient platform that would build purchase consideration amongst travellers and influencers alike and underscore Air Canada’s commitment to innovation and technology.ED (lady era pills_ can occur because of problems with erections from time to time isn’t necessarily a cause for concern.If erectile dysfu ction is an inhibitor of type 3inhibitor, such as 49 million men. Read about


Virtual reality was the perfect solution to the brief. This medium, apart from being cost-effective, is also fantastic for generating leads and data and for building emotional connections with the public.

Air Canada sought to provide different layers of experience – the emotion of flying and the physical space of the cabin. Their aim is to attract potential customers not only by showing the 787 Dreamliner and global route network in an innovative way, but also by conveying their warm onboard hospitality.

We knew a 360° linear experience was not suitable for this project. True VR with a guided narrative was the best choice, striking a balance between multi-sensory storytelling and interactive cabin features.

Neutral Digital has delivered a fantastic and truly immersive Dreamliner virtual reality onboard experience. Future passengers will now be able to sample our brand new cabin in an innovative and entertaining way. This engagement has helped us boost awareness, purchase consideration and save major logistic costs
Andrew Shibata
Managing Director Brand, Air Canada