Ballymore Brentford

A development that will improve and enhance the lives of both residents and visitors alike by establishing a new residential quarter, a vibrant dining, entertainment and retail scene and an exciting new facet of this proud West London community.


Client: Ballymore Group
Release: September 2019
Technology: Videowall — Unity — Salesforce


It’s crucial for large-scale residential property development projects to secure forward sales. In an industry that is as competitive and with such high stakes as property, developers need to exhibit their upcoming projects in a way that excites prospective buyers years before the works are even finished.


The solution we created exemplifies the values and style of the The Brentford Project — an interactive digital experience that showcases all aspects of the development on an huge 4-metre touch screen and iPad.

The goal was to deliver an industry-leading digital experience for Ballymore’s on-site marketing suite in London as well as sales events around the world. Key objectives were:

  • Targeting an expansive set of devices from the huge video wall all the way down to iPads.
  • Localising the application to cater to both English and Chinese audiences.