British Airways First Class VR

Seeing the reputational uplift brought by exhibiting their updated Club Suite product for the A350-1000 in VR, British Airways have shown a further commitment to this technology by creating a stunning interactive experience for First Class aboard their Boeing 787 aircraft.


Client: British Airways
Release: October 2019
Technology: VR — Oculus Rift


British Airways were once again faced with the exciting challenge of how best to do justice to a glorious physical product, this time in the form of their First Class offering as seen on their Dreamliners, through their marketing. As part of a division-wide transformation of the way they showcase their brand, in no small part thanks to the celebrations surrounding their Centenary year, British Airways wanted to follow in the footsteps of their A350-1000 familiarisation and marketing project to create something equally spellbinding for trade shows, sales centres and PR touchpoints.


With VR fast becoming a mainstay across marketing, and extending its use cases into other pillars of the organisation, it seemed logical to once again pair a world-class product with a state-of-the-art medium. British Airways and Neutral Digital resumed their successful content partnership, creating a VR experience focusing on the quality and serenity enjoyed by First Class passengers in the skies. Staff and customers alike are now able to experience another luxury British Airways product in an involving and transformative way.

The possible applications of Virtual Reality across British Airways are endless. In marketing, we are excited to continue exploration of how VR can bring our products, services and even destinations to life. We’re also very proud to be one of the first airlines to prove this technology’s potential, and it cements our commitment to innovation and the customer experience.
Content Manager — Brand and Marketing