Neutral Digital created an advanced interactive demo for Panasonic Avionics at the 2014 APEX show. Showcasing new input methods for IFE (In-Flight Entertainment systems), Neutral Digital integrated the NOD ring with advanced 3D interface design elements.


Client: Panasonic Avionics
Release: September 2014
Technology: NOD — Gesture Ring

NOD seamlessly transforms your movements into commands. It brings the world around you to life, as you control everything from your IFE to your reading light with a wave of your hand. Just like magic.

The ring is the most advanced personalised, wearable gesture control device currently on the market. NOD allows the user to engage objects with simple hand movements alone. It is a universal controller, allowing effortless communication with all smart devices in our connected lives including phones, tablets, Google Glass, smart watches, home appliances, TVs, computers and more.

The visual experience developed by Neutral Digital consists of strips of content, each with a miniature custom-made 3D scene, composed and animated to highlight featured content in that section.

Finger movements were used to swipe between categories – Movies, TV, CDs, Games, Apps and Shopping. Pointing was used to highlight menus and a flick of the wrist was a command to go back!

The NOD proved to have everything a passenger needed to effortlessly navigate an IFE system while at the same time being fun and extremely practical.