PearsonLloyd Economy Class Seat VR

PearsonLloyd commissioned Neutral Digital to create a virtual reality replica of their Economy Class seat. The space of the cabin and the materials are the essence of this experience, which also boasts a number of fun interactive elements.


Client: PearsonLloyd
Release: April 2018
Technology: VR — Oculus RIft


PearsonLloyd’s seat is designed with the main ambition of increasing passenger space and visual sight lines and optimising the ergonomic potential, comfort and value within the framework of the class. The project also challenges material expectations. Replicating their design in VR had three main advantages for PearsonLloyd:

  • The power to visualise the seat and cabin with a level of detail and sense of scale that isn’t possible with any other medium
  • The ability to represent the materials with amazing accuracy
  • The opportunity to experience the design without the need to build an expensive mockup replica
  • The flexibility to make rapid design changes and iterations throughout the process

In addition to PearsonLloyd’s design, we included different interactions for people to enjoy. These included a magazine, headphones and a host of other items that could be grabbed from the IFE screen, exploring the potential of VR and in-flight shopping alternatives.


The seats are covered with recycled plastic containing a high percentage of sunflower seed and recycled wool. PearsonLloyd supplied material samples which our artists used to perfectly match the details of the material, focusing on replicating the same feelings and sensations they evoked in real life in VR.

“We have carefully crafted in VR all features that make the PearsonLloyd Economy Class seat unique. Users will be treated to an experience that portrays their clear demarcation and maximisation of space, slim forms and efficiency combined with all the fun that a seamless journey offers”, adds Christian Grou, Partner at Neutral Digital.

If you want to enjoy PearsonLloyd’s design in VR and are curious about how immersive technology can support you with your marketing, design or training campaigns, get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks to their architectural background, Neutral Digital have a sensitivity for design that I haven’t seen in any other virtual reality studio
Jack Cheatle