LATAM: Exterior CGI

Creation of CGI visuals for the LATAM A320neo to be used across local advertising campaigns. For this project, LATAM tasked Neutral Digital to create beautiful CGI that not only represents the diversity of landscapes across Latin America but celebrates them.


Create CGI renders that showcase the diversity of environments across Latin America.

Representing different cultures with diverse backgrounds.

Latin America’s leading airline group, LATAM Airlines, is present with hubs in five domestic markets in South America: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, with international operations within Latin America and to Europe, the US, Oceania and the Caribbean. With a domestic market that spans a variety of cultures and diversity of environments, LATAM approached Neutral Digital to assist in creating CGI advert end shots that proudly represent the countries in which they operate.

For this project, our team meticulously recreated destinations, including Cartagena harbour, the snowy Andes mountains and the red mountains of Cusco.

With the animations scheduled to be used across local TV adverts, achieving an accurate and beautiful representation of each iconic city was a priority for the studio team. Realism was important, as was showing the pride LATAM has to work across the region – achieved by paying close attention to the feature details. For Cartagena, for example, hundreds of tiny sailboats were manually added to the harbour, representative of how it looks in real life. Ripples in the ocean and individual city lights were also painted in.

Destination Marketing: A crucial tool for airlines.

LATAM shows how destination marketing can be a love letter to destinations. It’s not only a chance to celebrate culture and environments with potential tourists, but also with locals by adding in familiar details. This is a project that would have been impossible to achieve without CGI and was made even better with it, thanks to the creative control it offers.


The animations have been used across a series of local adverts promoting LATAM’s routes and destinations.