Saudia New Livery Rebrand A321neo

In September 2023, Saudi Arabia’s national airline unveiled a fresh look, signalling the start of a new chapter for Saudia. This update aligns with the airline’s broader plan to embrace “digital transformation” and enhance its support for Saudi Vision 2030, the country’s long-term strategy to diversify its economy.


High-quality CGI aircraft renders for Saudia's fresh brand update. The new brand image revisits a logo, font, and aircraft livery, incorporating green, blue, and sand colours.

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The brand association holds significant influence in any industry, particularly in aviation.

Saudia has refreshed its brand appearance by introducing a revised logo and aircraft livery, incorporating three primary colours: green, blue, and sand.

According to the airline, it used green to represent national pride, blue to symbolise Saudia Group’s ambitions, signifying both the seas and skies. The sand colour is inspired by desert dunes, representing the rich heritage of Saudi Arabia.

"The name and logo of Saudia are integral parts of the Kingdom's aviation history and development, and our people share a special emotional connection with the brand. We have incorporated this rich heritage into our new identity, adding elements that reflect our visionary approach, poised to captivate the world."

Ibrahim Al-Omar, Director General of Saudia Group