Virtual Reality

VR offers a superlative platform for tangible communication using a powerful virtual tool. Investments worth billions can be presented to a global audience across industries and in a cost effective way. Virtual reality helps our customers rapidly launch products and services, unlock their significant investments and reach return targets faster.

As leaders in VR solutions, we have driven the shift to immersive experiences since 2012. We generate enhanced customer engagement for our clients across industries. As the underlying technology evolves, so do the benefits of using VR tools. Spatial engagement, connected experiences, training in life-like situations.

All at lower cost with higher returns for the future workforce and customer base.


Our extended reality solutions support our clients ideate, design and deliver innovative XR experiences. The use of XR has become increasingly pivotal for workforce training, customer experiences and touchless immersive solutions. XR reduces costs, increases revenue and productivity, as well as improves workforce and customer engagement. 


Future input methods have been the focus of numerous R&D projects at Neutral Digital. In today’s world, touchless interaction and input methods dominate the discourse. Our team has been ahead of the curve and offers no-touch solutions for the post-Covid era based on advanced input technology. Customers can again engage with digital experiences without the need to physically come into contact with any surfaces. Safe environments create the trust needed for strong commercial engagement and an accelerated path to recovery.


Our architectural approach to almost every aspect of our projects has a deep impact on the solutions we deliver to our clients. Neutral’s apps are award winning, help increase record-breaking sales and redefine user-centric, holistic digital tools. Paired with industry-leading big data analytics, AI and realtime database connectivity, our apps support our clients hands-on in mastering the challenges of digital transformation. 

We partner with our clients long term and support them not only launch a solution, but also successfully run commercial applications 24/7.


True to our 3D and architectural DNA, our apps are characterised by an holistic design solution approach. Memorable interaction, conveying of complex three-dimensional content and immersive digital environments are at the core of our unique apps. An effortless and engaging UX is pivotal. Statistics show that intuitive, hyper-haptic 3D digital content lead to a tangible increase in customer engagement and interaction, resulting in direct additional sales. Our partners benefit directly from Neutral’s long standing technological and design expertise.

CGI / Visualisation

Visual representation is one of our original disciplines. Neutral has been at the forefront of CGI visualisation — even before it became a discipline — since the early 2000’s. Ever since, we have pushed cross-disciplinary tools and solutions. Combined with our trademark typographical astuteness and interactive dexterity, we have redefined customer engagement through digital business solutions. Our award winning projects firmly position our team as a preeminent partner for clients across industries with high-accuracy 3D visuals embedded within advanced interactive apps.