Cabinly: Interactive cabin experience

Drive customer engagement with an interactive cabin experience featuring 360° visuals, customised for your brand and aircraft.

The future of cabin exploration

A customer’s journey starts with a search. Let passengers experience your cabin digitally — with Cabinly.

Our rebranded Cabin Explorer application delivers a simple, photo-realistic visualisation tool that can be used at multiple customer touchpoints.

Lightweight & cross platform

Display your cabin views with stunning quality visuals and an interactive experience. Clean and elegant presentation. No more plain images or overwhelming amounts of text. 

Highest quality visuals

Industry leading quality renders for interiors lead the cabin exploration experience. Customise everything down to the materials and lighting conditions to create a lifelike representation of your product.

Seat booking features

Lightweight, easy-to-use seat exploration allows customers to pick the spot best suited for their needs. Unlike a 2D tool, Cabinly allows passengers to visualise their flight and pick the options best suited for their comfort.

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Simple integration & hosting

Flexibly integrate Cabinly with your existing booking system, website, email campaigns or other marketing tools and platforms. Cabinly also offers flexible hosting.

Do you have custom requirements?

Do you have a feature request or a specific vision? Contact us for customised solutions.

Rich media hotspots

Pop-out hotspots allow customers to explore everything your cabin has to offer without crowding their screens. Rich media hotspots allow for descriptive text, images, video and even interactive 3D elements to engage and inform customers.

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Day & night modes

Show your cabin in the best light – whether that’s a night flight or morning take-off.

Flexible & adaptable

Allow customers to explore seat features, cabin services, meal options or WiFi connectivity, supporting passengers in their decision making.

Day & night modes

Show your cabin in the best light – whether that’s a night flight or morning take-off.

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Request a demo

Get in touch with us to organise a live demo (or just book a call) and we will showcase all of Cabinly’s current capabilities and upcoming features.