Unique and memorable hybrid cross-platform solution supporting end-to-end customer journey combining digital and in-person interactions.

Showcase your vision
in an immersive and exciting way.

Deliver a unique and memorable Immersive Marketing Suite experience to prospective buyers that conveys the story of your vision in the most memorable way and elevates their customer experience.

Augmenting exhibitions, events and physical showrooms with digital content and interactive installations, for a memorable customer experience.

Customer use cases.

Ballymore Brentford Marketing Suite by Neutral Digital

Ballymore Brentford Marketing Suite

A new west London project that connects the waterside community at the heart of the regeneration of Brentford. This transformational development aims to re-connect the high street with the waterfront, creating a place for Londoners to eat, drink, play and work, and experience independent makers, growers, art, music and waterside activities.

Heinemann #LookLab

With the intention of testing digital concepts and catering to technologically minded ‘millennial’ customers, the Digital Innovation Team at Heinemann and CPH Copenhagen Airport had the vision of a new interactive shopping experience — Neutral designed and delivered this experience.

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