British Airways A350 Showcase Video

Following our successful visualisation and marketing work with British Airways around the arrival of their new Airbus A350-1000, Neutral Digital was commissioned to create the spectacular accompanying animations made public on the day of the aircraft’s arrival at their Heathrow hub.


Bring out the glory and splendour of the A350-1000

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    British Airways

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Evoke emotions of comfort, smoothness and luxury.

We worked to bring out the glory and splendour of the A350-1000 by placing it in various skyscapes evoking the same emotions of comfort, smoothness and luxury that the onboard experience promises to be.

The possible applications of Virtual Reality across British Airways are endless. In marketing, we are excited to continue the exploration of how VR can bring our products, services, and even destinations to life. We’re also very proud to be one of the first airlines to prove this technology’s potential, and it cements our commitment to innovation and the customer experience.

Daniel Taylor

Content Manager – Brand and Marketing