Impactful storytelling in a virtual space where your vision and products are hard to visualise and articulate value.

Multi-platform supports virtual and in-person sales meetings and events to reach audiences anywhere, anytime.

the full value of your
vision and products.

Prepare for a hybrid future with Neutral Digital, and showcase your vision and products in an innovative and memorable way. Virtual Showroom is a multi-platform solution that uses interactive 3D features to help your sales and marketing teams shine and allow customers to interact with products in their native environment. 


Customer use cases.

Viasat 3D Interactive Application

Viasat 3D Interactive Application

A new 3D interactive cross-platform application to tell the story of Viasat’s new high-capacity satellite constellation.

AERQ AERENA Virtual Demonstrator

AERQ is a Joint Venture between LG Electronics and Lufthansa Technik with a mission to revolutionise aircraft cabin experiences and unlock new business opportunities.

KID-Systeme Showroom

KID-Systeme’s virtual showroom platform powers an immersive, virtual customer experience to provide a new, innovative way to engage with customers and communicate the value of their products using interactive 3D features.

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