Working closely with IATA, we created a VR experience to launch their NEXTT vision in a way that celebrated every facet of the improved operational efficiency and passenger experience promised by these industry-wide transformations.


Client: IATA
Release: June 2019
Technology: VR — Oculus RIft


The NEXTT vision is an all-encompassing, wholesale system of innovations that will combine to catapult air transportation into the future. Such seismic shifts in the fundamentals of the way we move prove highly complex to replicate through traditional media, and instead a more visual, conceptual mechanism was required to condense down every change in a way that IATA’s stakeholders and aviation partners could fully understand and visualise.


The final solution was developed to work on the Oculus Rift and included on a movie-style tabletop exploration to support the complexity of the deliverable. The user is transported to a helicopter view of a virtual cityscape depicting the different elements combining to create IATA’s vision of the future. At every stage, users have the chance to select individual pieces of the NEXTT vision for further exploration and to immerse themselves in how each part is set to contribute to the overarching innovations and improvements.