British Airways: Cinematic Air-To-Air

Creation of cinematic air-to-air CGI renders for British Airways, including animation footage of the Airbus A350-1000 flying over London. We show you the five-step process involved in creating this iconic animation, as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes video.


Show the A350-1000 while celebrating the British Airways brand.

  • Strategy

    CGI Renders and Animation

  • Client

    Bark Air

A cinematic feel

In this cinematic air-to-air CGI project, British Airways wished to create a cinematic look and feel, while weaving in its signature British Originals imagery style. 

With art direction to show travel in an original way, with documentary-style content, the Neutral team set to work creating a series of stunning images that show the brand’s long-haul aircrafts flying above the clouds. 

As part of the project, our team modelled the iconic Airbus A350-1000 flying over the equally iconic city of London.

Read on to see behind-the-scenes footage of how the aircraft and cityscape came together for our CGI team. 

We never go for the obvious or expected, and always show our operation in new and unique ways.
British Airways

How we did it...

Our behind-the-scenes video and five-step process shows the stages the Neutral team went through to model the London environment and aircraft.



As with all projects, we start with a client brief and discussion to determine mood boards, story boards and the aircraft being used. At this stage, we gather as much detail as possible to map out the project and imagery.



We modelled the aircraft - an Airbus 350-1000 - adding the British Airways livery with accuracy and close attention to detail. For this project, we also modelled the London environment. We add texture to make the scene feel realistic.


Rigging & Animation

We added a main controller to move the aircraft and a rig to help with subtle secondary movement. For the animation, we paid careful attention to the timing, weight and fluidity which was essential to make the scene look believable.



We created mood and atmosphere by adjusting the intensity, colour and direction of light sources, as well as adding some final textures to the whole scene.



To achieve the final composition, we colour corrected, edited and added special effects to the rendered elements.