PearsonLloyd: Concept PL Eco Seat

Virtual Reality experience imagining a new approach to long-haul economy seating, designed by PearsonLloyd.


Bringing a new approach to airline seating to life.

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Supporting the future of aviation.

PearsonLloyd approached our studio to support them with the visualisation of new approaches to long-haul economy seating with the PL Eco Seat. Developed as part of the studio’s ongoing research into the future of aviation, the design optimises ergonomic performance, comfort and value while increasing passenger space and sight lines within the cabin. 


The introduction of a vertical structural ‘spine’ by the PearsonLloyd team allows for greater functionality and flexibility. Including a seatback and headrest that can be separated from the primary structure, the top section of the assembly is able to become significantly narrower and maximise passenger space and the overall sense of space in the cabin.

Designed for comfort and function.

The design for function approach from the PearsonLloyd team extends past the seat design, to a bifold tray table that extends laterally and additional upper and lower stowage areas. Choosing a carbon fibre internal structure, covered with recycled plastic and recycled wool mix covers allows greater airflow next to a passenger’s skin.


Neutral Digital supported PearsonLloyd bring their vision for a more efficient and effective seating arrangement to life, creating a series of VR stills to aid the in-house research project.