Viasat 3D Interactive

A new 3D interactive cross-platform application to tell the story of Viasat’s new high-capacity satellite constellation.


Develop an interactive and highly visual tool to support Viasat’s “Capacity Unleashed” campaign and showcase how Viasat’s technology provides capacity where it is needed most.

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    3D interactive application with data visualisation

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Visualising how Viasat is able to direct satellite capacity to meet constantly changing demand, anywhere on earth.

Develop an interactive 3D experience to tell the story of how Viasat’s next-generation satellite technology will meet the increasing demand for connectivity in growing markets, such as inflight Wi-Fi. 

It was crucial that the representation makes it easy to understand the concepts of satellite coverage and how capacity needs to meet concentrated, dynamic demand for a non-technical audience.

Spatio-temporal data is to be used to emphasise the uneven and changing demand patterns across the globe.

The experience is to be used at trade shows and sales meetings throughout the year, both in person and virtually.

“Neutral Digital has been masterful in taking these things that are incredibly complex and layered and turning them into something simple and visual.”

Kelsey Goodman

Senior Product Marketer, Global Enterprise & Mobility at Viasat Inc.


An interactive 3D application accessible across multiple platforms – tablet, touchscreen, and 3D web streaming.

Neutral Digital created a 3D interactive application augmented with data visualisation that tells the story of Viasat’s new high-capacity satellite constellation, Viasat-3. Centred around a rotatable globe, the app allows Viasat to demonstrate how its fleet of Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellites can dynamically allocate capacity to areas of high and changing demand density.

Various toggles and overlays allow users to visually understand the extent to which Viasat provides connectivity and capacity where and when it is needed most around the world.

Using a heat map and adapting coverage beams in real-time, the main focus of the app helps to educate customers on how demand constantly fluctuates and how Viasat’s coverage and network capacity are best placed to address this challenge. The application ingests actual aircraft movement data to represent demand changes as airlines operate their global route networks over a 24-hour period.

“They were able to give us an idea of what it could be and that’s what really started this incredible journey with this incredible team that has become one of our favourite partners.”

Michelle Munoz-Talcott

Senior Director, Marketing, Global Enterprise & Mobility at Viasat Inc.